"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776

The Eco-Emergency Alert Phone APP

Before you start on what is happening to your community now you need to know what is already there.  The good news is this is largely known and using Eco you can see for yourself what has happened within your community.  

When you use the EcoApp you understand what has happened in your community to date.  Then you, with others, learn how to monitor what is happening in real time. The playing field on which Big Oil depends just changed.  

The EcoApp is your Pollution Portal which maps your home in relation to every pipeline, refinery, nuclear power plant and oil well in the US without typing a single URL.

You know at a glance where every wind turbine, solar facility and biofuel plant was from your neighborhood and could show it to all the others in your organization.

Consider the power you can wield, knowing this as fact, who was responsible and can overlay the race, average income and disease incidence of every chronic disease and cancer in every county.

Eco-Emergency Phone App is your first tool, necessary to having your community to protect people and clean the Earth.  

Available for Android on Google Play