"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776
David Lincoln
    Dave was recruited by a major oil company, Texaco, when he was 14. They were looking for someone with credibility to represent them to the media.  Lincoln, influenced by them, became a petroleum geologist and went on to work for all the majors around the world.  Revolted and disgusted, he walked away in 1996 to begin fighting them.  

  CV and Resume  

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
Melinda is the grand-daughter of Arthur C. Pillsbury, a Preservationist and innovator who produced the first nature movie in 1909, shown in Yosemite Valley at his studio.  Following his story at the request of her father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, she realized the many lies told by the corporate state and dedicated herself to ensuring the truth was told and the guilty parties were held accountable.  

Melinda is the founder of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation 

Chris Boehr
Chris is our CTO and in charge of development of our organizing app.  


Brock d'Avignon
Brock handles our public relations and interactive communications technologies.  He apologizes for having been responsible for electing Bill Clinton in 1992.


Steve Tvedten
Steve os the originator of environmentally friendly pest control, products which he realized were essential after he nearly died of petroleum poisoning himself in the late 1970s.  These technologies exist and can be used to provide relief for those who suffer from the impact of petroleum poisoning.