"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776
Step One
Accountability for Big Oil

A mission statement should be short and to the point. 

Our mission begins with stopping the ongoing tainting of the world on which we all live today.  

This requires local organizing and training and also action on the national and international levels.  Not enough people understand the dangers we face and the impact pollution has had on our health and on the natural world in which we live.  

Step one is helping communities learn to protect themselves from entities, larger than many nations, which abuse the law, manipulate public opinion, and callously cause harm to people, the places where we live, and the systems of air, water and soil which connect communities and commerce.  

We reject the use of force as a group.  Individually many of us retain the right to defend ourselves from violence as an essential human right.  Others in our group are pacificists who will not use force to defend themselves.  

Our second step will be to clean up America's economy using tools appropriate to that phase of our larger mission.  \

Other organizations we work with are:

     EcoAlert's app, puts into your hand all the information you need to understand your local problems.  If you think you know, you don't.  Two versions are available, one for android and one for iphones.  
     EcoAlert oversees training in multiple specialities for all of these organizations and well as providing services in geochronological analysis.  

​Avert Alert

​      Avert Alert provides risk and liability analysis to the insurance industry.  Through Avert Alert data is scrubbed of identifiers and posted so the awareness of the relationship between pollution and health becomes broadly understood.  

Agents Green

       Agents Green assists with local organizing for communities for PACT and provides presentations on petroleum based products and the clean, green, alternatives which contain no petroleum can cannot harm people or our land, air and water.  Agents also sell these products and encourage stores to make them available.  
People Act

PACT - People Act
Each of us choosing.  Each of us doing.