"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776
Ask Yourself - Why Has Nothing Worked to Stop Polluters?​​ ​  

The EPA started in 1969 to protect Americans.  Today, they run interference for polluters. ​ Petitions, protests, writing letters do not work. 
      To win, you need to use tools which will work locally, partnered with interests with the power to enforce liability for irresponsible business practices and damage done to people and property.  These exist and will take action to protect themselves.   
      Every community or area is experiencing problems which are specific to its history and to what is happening now.  The Torrance Refinery, Porter Ranch, Mayflower, Arkansas lost because they failed to take effective, local action which delivered provable data so accountability could be enforced.  
     We can show you how this is done.  
    We begin by showing you how to survey your area and know what problems you face. You can become a Environmental Protection Agent, or real Agents Green with the power to protect your community.  
You CAN Protect Your Community

Hydrofluoric Acid 

See 19 Minutes
This is a Portable Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detectors will be supplied by RaeSystems by Honeywell.  It provides a reading of VOCs in parts per billions.

    We are arranging for training in their use - and you will need this and to know how to put together your PACTing Group.
Below is what you will see when using the next kind of monitor, a )Multi-spectral Forward Looking Infrared Thermal Video Camera with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI).  See the fumes coming off this facility?  With unassisted eyes you see none of this happening.

Technology has delivered the equipment needed to prove what has happened.  The facts can be presented to the public through our TV show, PACT People Act, and this will make winning in courts, removing corrupt judges and politicians happen.  

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People, Technology & Facts
Forget protests, petitions and donating to organizations who use fear and your feeling of urgency to raise funds, never delivering promised results.  
     We will show you how and your community can protect itself directly.  You can be prepared to cope with a toxic event.  You can protect residents.  You can walk into court with a chain of evidence which will withstand any test.  And you will understand the business plan Big Oil has been following and why the present legion of environmental groups failed to deliver. 
   When you understand the oil industry and how they manipulate the system you can enforce change in your community.  We show you the steps to take, and what is needed.  We are your native guides committed to ensuring your community is a clean and safe place to live.  

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