"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776

 Toxic Hazards 

Together, we can  transition to a clean Earth

PACT is here to help you organize your local area to stop the polluting, hold polluters accountableensure those impacted receive compensation and stop future pollution and for a clean-up overseen by PACT.  

No toxic hazard is really solved until each of these steps are finished.  By 'solved' we mean all of the steps above have been completed.  Today the reality is that polluters do no effective clean-up, at best pay enough to cover burial expenses for those impacted, and have no motivation to stop behavior from which they profit, in any case. 

These strategies include ownership of the 'clean-up companies' which carry out the clean up in a fashion which suits them.  This means they leave most of the toxic material in place.  The profits from this accrues to the polluting company, as was the case with the Refugio Spill in 2015.  ARTICLE

As a matter of policy, the petroleum industry does not maintain its infrastructure, including refineries and other potential sites for extreme threats to life and health.  When the potential for liability becomes a threat to profits the operators of these sites, for instance oil refineries, will sell off the facility.  The companies buying these facilities pay fire sale prices and continue to operate the facility without repairs of improvements.  We call these 'Disposal Companies'.  The new owner-company acquiring the facility is organized in a way which allows them to escape liability through bankruptcy.  One example of this is PBF.

This is why we show you what needs to be done for each step.  Seeing people struggling with illnesses caused by toxic spills, using products which have toxic ingredients, facing hazardous conditions from corporates, or accepting these conditions as 'normal' cannot be tolerated.   

When you follow these stories and have the facts it is enraging.  This anger is the first step on the path to real change.

We have the tools needed. Read each of these pages. 

1 - inform your self on the facts with Eco-Emergency Alert Phone App 
2 - bring together local people being impacted. First Steps for Organizing
3 - start your PACTing Group .

About us:   Our environmental expert, David Lincoln, views himself as a sheep dog whose life has been dedicated to keeping people who do not understand the risks they are facing, safe from the threats of pollution. 

Dave is a modest guy, but has a long history of standing up for people and all living things.  He was a rising star in the oil industry and had worked for all of the seven major oil companies world-wide, when he walked away because he realized he could not change them.  The man who finally convinced him of this was Ken Lay of Enron.  Lay wanted him to drive a pipeline across a pristine forest in Malaysia in 1996. 

Dave is also the president and founder of Lincoln's Risk-Registry Ratings & Relief, as well as the creator of our Phone App, Eco-Emergency Alert .   

Dave was also the expert witness for Ecuador for their case against Chevron.  Chevron decamped after five days of depositions when to their last question, they asserted Dave could not prove their guilt.  Dave told them exactly how he would do this, as required by the rules for discovery.  

No one in the Environmental Movement has provided more revelations on the Petroleum Industry and received less credit.  The Eco-Emergency Alert Phone App accesses and integrates 21 GeoSpatial Data Bases, this is very big data.  For comparison, Flood IQ uses one data base.   

If you belong to a group which is interested in solving these problems then tell them about us.  Together, we can accomplish what seems impossible today.