"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."              
                                                       ~Thomas Paine 1776
Together, we can  transition to a clean Earth
Ask Yourself - Why Has Nothing Worked to Stop Polluters?​​

​      This has not happened because the means being promoted can't work.  Petitions, protests, writing letters can slow the polluters down but they have enough money to circumvent these method.  This has ALWAYS worked for them.  
      To win, you need to use tools which will work locally.  Every community or area is experiencing problems which are specific to its history and to what is happening now.  The Torrance Refinery, Porter Ranch, Mayflower, Arkansas lost because they  failed to take appropriate, local action which delivered provable data so accountability could be enforced.  
     We can show you how this is done.  First, survey your area and know what problems you face.  
You CAN Protect Your Community
Your community can protect itself from the dangers  of irresponsible corporate  polluters.   PACT - People Act, shows you how.   

Step One - Our App, we call her Eco,  shows you in detail what has been going on in your commnity's air, water and land for at least the past 30 years.   You will need to download the app, which we will have coverted to iphone use as well as  Android.  

Step Two - Below you will see and learn to use  the monitors you
need to document the damage going on
now.   These examples are from our Torrance proposal which was copied without giving credit.  We're used to that.    
We are providing  conference calls
to answer questions on how
to set up your local
PACT Teams.




We designed the Torrance program using two kinds of  monitors, fir st the unit above which measures parts   per billion for  Volatile Organic Compounds.  You can hold it in your  hand.

While accuracy and consistency is required  your community  can collect
the information needed to ensure accountability happens.  

Seeing is Believing


Using the infrared imaging camera to the right,  you can see the Volatile Organic Compounds as they pour out of petroleum facilities, unseen to the naked eye but visible above.  

From there we planned to track where the VOC's  ended up.

This is generally the first and easiest step in a PACT Campaign. Our curriculum will be available for high school students through Project Based Learning as well as for community use.  

PACT means People ACT within their communities for the protection of everyone.

PACT  is writing curriculum for trainings on  Medical testing, the symptoms of petroleum poisoning, providing studies by specialists to your local physicians, documenting evidence for court, and further accountability tools as well.  These and the other components in the PACT Community Training  are needed so you can build your chain of evidence.  
 This is  the beginning.   Sign up for updates and get ready.  PACT is People acting for themselves.  

Step Three - Know what to do if a toxic disaster takes place before you are ready.  We wrote the book on this, drawing from 20 years of experience and studies of past toxic events from the 1960s on. 

Real change, real empowerment, real peace and prosperity; this can only happen in a world which does not no compromise  our health  for profits. ​  

PACT provides the tools needed to make the now disappearing EPA an opportunity for cleaning up our world instead of a disaster.  We can tell you, as a fact, it was never very effective in any case. 

​Step by step, you build  a community controlled  Environmental Protection  PACT for yourselves which ensures you never have to petition for justice or sign petitions begging for help again.  

The present generation of young people can lead the way to a sustainable world.  The future is their's, and we will ensure they have access to training which will lead to enterprises which heal the land, air and water of our communities.  It can be done.  

Visit our CrowdFunder and join us to protect your community and our world.    We don't need much, less, actually than any of the campaigns which have never worked.  Watch our video for more information and more about us.   

We have what Big Oil most fears, and we are going to use it.                                                  
         David Lincoln                  Melinda Pillsbury-Foster         
Eco App
This is a Portable Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detectors will be supplied by RaeSystems by Honeywell.  It provides a reading of VOCs in parts per billions.
    We are arranging for training in their use - and you will need this and to know how to put
together your community VOC Teams.
        Lance Williams                    Brock d'Avignon
            Steve Tvedten                         Chris Boehr
PACT Teams
Howard Hinman
This is what you will see when using the next kind of monitor, a Multi-spectral Forward Looking Infrared Thermal Video Camera with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)Multi-spectral Forward Looking Infrared Thermal Video Camera with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI).  See the fumes coming off this facility?  With unassisted eyes 

People, Technology & Facts
Forget protests, petitions and donating to organizations who use fear and your feeling of urgency to raise funds, never delivering promised results.  
     We will show you how and your community can protect itself directly.  You can be prepared to cope with a toxic event.  You can protect residents.  You can walk into court with a chain of evidence which will withstand any test.  And you will understand the business plan Big Oil has been following and why the present legion of environmental groups failed to deliver. 
   When you understand the oil industry and how they manipulate the system you can enforce change in your community.  We show you the steps to take, and what is needed.  We are your native guides committed to ensuring your community is a clean and safe place to live.  
Using a Multi-spectral Forward Looking Infrared Thermal Video Camera you can see the toxic particulants, including large concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds flowing off the infrastructure of this facility, invisible to the naked eye.  Seeing them, you can then track their ultimate destinations within your community using the Portable Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Detectors.  This data is then used to build a record of physical evidence, showing the concentration of poisonous components.